“I enjoy my work because of the leaders and the example they set for their team. They have built a culture of a true family, where we feel ownership over the work we do to benefit our clients and community.”

Joined Clarity:
January, 2016
Alma Mater:
University of Wisconsin, Madison
Your neighborhood or town:
Logan Square, Chicago
Hobbies and interests:
Travel (my goal is to make it to all the wonders of the world, only got one more left! Petra!), aerial yoga or fitness all around, cooking healthy foods
Team Wine or Team Beer:
On paper, I'm Team Wine. But really, I'm team everything. Shh!
Favorite food in Chicagoland:
Fat Rice in Logan Square. Portuguese Chinese fusion. <3
Clarity Highlight:

The people of course! We’re all such hard working, motivated individuals who also enjoy having fun. Favorite memory would probably be our white elephant party during the holiday season, how we all just got in a circle and opened presents.

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