Human Resources Liaison / Managed Services

“I’ve been fortunate enough to use my talents in order to find new talent for these projects and it is a pleasure to serve in such a way. I have built good relationships with my tenured staff and enjoy being able to connect with newer staff.”

Joined Clarity:
July, 2013
Alma Mater:
Columbia College Chicago and Full Sail University
Your neighborhood or town:
Douglas neighborhood by way of the Gold Coast, Chicago
Hobbies and interests:
Politics, current events, the arts, film, music, sketching and writing
Team Wine or Team Beer:
Team Wine. Preferably red.
Favorite food in Chicagoland:
Seafood. I make a mean surf and turf at home! But I enjoy Devon's Seafood Grill and Joe's. I also really enjoy Maple & Ash, my favorite steak house. 
Clarity Highlight:

Being a part of a growing MBE where diversity is clearly seen throughout our offices and Managed Services. It’s a privilege to be able to work a for company where I am Royce and not just a number among a vast employment list. Not to mention having the ability to be casual and have fun with the founders, managing partners and upper management. I believe Clarity has been so successful and continues to be because it is led by a great team who lead by example and makes it easy for each division to work collectively.

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