The Chicago Community Trust is a platform for change that connects philanthropy to impact, bringing together generous donors, committed organizations, and caring residents to effect lasting change that moves our entire region forward.  For over 100 years, forward-looking individuals and families have entrusted their philanthropic resources and visions to the Trust’s stewardship.

Project Start Date

October 2022

Overall Goal

CCT’s goal was twofold:

  • To replace legacy donor portals built on top of CCT’s Salesforce org, with modernized portals that will receive regular updates and enhancements going forward
  • To retire the outdated Salesforce objects and move all Salesforce data into their current org

Clarity’s Role

Clarity was engaged to help select the new integration tool to replace legacy SSIS packages.  Boomi was chosen to replace SSIS to manage the near-real time data transfer between the Donor Portals, Salesforce, and CCT’s finance systems.  We also built the required Boomi processes for CCT’s portal launch.

Additional Upgrades

  • Significantly more modern and user-friendly UI/UX on the donor portals
  • Reduce data complexities and sync delays between 2 separate and distinct Salesforce organizations
  • Full migration of over 350K+ existing grants and gifts
  • Enhance documentation of the integration processes

Tools Most Utilized*

Tools Most Utilized by Clarity on this project

JIRA | Boomi | Javascript | SSIS | Salesforce | SQL | Slack | Postman

Go-Live Date

October 2023

Future CCT Project Endeavors

  • Phase 2: Upgrade Salesforce to mirror the more modernized Non-Profit Success Package
  • Phase 3: Upgrade CCT’s financial accounting and investment accounting applications to newer, off the shelf products that will receive regular upgrades
  • Possible Phase 4: Upgrade Salesforce to the state-of-the-art Non Profit Cloud suite that was just announced in October 2023 at the Salesforce Dreamforce conference

*check out the full list of Clarity’s product offerings on our Technologies page.