The Department of Innovation and Technology (DoIT) chose Clarity Partners to streamline some of the City of Chicago’s current processes for licenses and permits in order to maximize the benefits of a forthcoming paperless system. The City provides numerous services for business owners and other constituents, including sign permits, public way use permits, fire pump inspections, private benefit sign permits, and special event permits as well as case processing of violations.

Clarity constructed current workflows through interviews with City staff, business owners, special event organizers, sign contractors, fire pump inspectors, and community leaders.  This exercise allowed Clarity to identify redundant manual tasks that could be replaced with paperless technology. Clarity also analyzed various data that provided statistical support for specific recommendations, such as steps to achieve changes, process flows, as well best practices in order to rationalize, modernize, and simplify the City’s current methods.

The City plans to utilize Clarity’s findings and recommendations in order to move their paperless initiative forward, which will reduce paperwork and enhance the quality of customer service for constituents.

About the Department of Innovation and Technology
The Department of Innovation and Technology (DoIT) was introduced in 2008 to add innovation to the charter of the former Department of Business and Information Services. As the central information technology organization for the City, DoIT provides a number of technology and telecommunications services to departments, the Mayor, Aldermen, other city agencies, residents, businesses, and tourists.

About Clarity Partners

Clarity Partners is a Chicago-based, full-service management and information technology consulting firm that specializes in delivering comprehensive solutions to complex public sector and non-profit challenges. We provide management consulting, enterprise performance management, application development, website design and development, cloud solutions, project management, and IT staffing services to a diverse mix of businesses across the full spectrum of industries.