This summer, the Office of Chicago City Clerk Susana A. Mendoza is helping move the annual Chicago City Vehicle Sticker Sales Program out of the horse & buggy era and into the 21st Century. The seasonal Chicago City Vehicle Sticker rush started in 1908. This summer, we say “goodbye” to the long lines and more than 100 years of inefficiency and “hello” to the Year-Round Chicago City Vehicle Sticker Program.

“The shift to Year-Round Chicago City Vehicle Sales is a historic change. The goal is to improve your customer service experience, and reduce wait times while cutting overtime costs and bringing greater efficiencies to the City Clerk’s Office.” –Susana Mendoza, City Clerk

Clarity Partners is proud to work side-by-side with the Office of the City Clerk (“OCC”) on this historic initiative. Clarity is working with OCC to design and developed the business process and technology systems to make this vision a reality. The application suite includes an over-the-counter application used at numerous OCC and Department of Revenue locations throughout the City, as well as an online application and web services to support sales by over 300 third-party sellers.

About The Office of the City Clerk

In Chicago, the City Clerk is one of only three city-wide elected positions, along with the Mayor and Treasurer. The City Clerk is a public official whose principal duties include keeping records or accounts for the municipality and other duties prescribed by law. The position is central to government transparency because the clerk is responsible for keeping and making official records and legislation accessible to city residents. Clerks also play an important role in the system of checks and balances by offering perspectives, policies and opinions which are independent from other municipal offices. For more information please visit

About Clarity Partners

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