Last week, Clarity held a ‘Lunch & Learn’ hosted by our web designer Eric Leech.  The goal of this discussion was to illustrate the importance of using visual communication.  Virtual meetings remain part of the day-to-day flow of business, creating a indefinite need to replace the whiteboard.  By introducing design-specific deliverables to our consultants, we were able to show how they can visually guide clients through tough decisions that arise during the project lifecycle.

Eric used current project assets as examples to show sequences he has created, such as:

User Flows
A sequence of steps to accomplish a task inside an app or website

Process Flows
A sequential representation of a process and its components, including operations, timelines, people involved, and resources needed

Here are some of the visual communication use cases that were also covered during this discussion.

examples of proposal assets
Examples of Proposal Assets


pictures of various examples of social media posts
Examples of Social Media Assets


This Lunch & Learn is part of an ongoing series at Clarity Partners.  The series is designed to bring employee awareness of engagements outside of respective project teams.

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