Clarity Continues Work with OSF HealthCare to Broaden Health Equity in Chicago

May 7, 2024 Projects

Overview OSF Community Connect utilizes social determinants of health as a critical component to create better patient care plans, track patient outcomes, and achieve measurable improvements in the health outcomes of communities.  It leverages data to link OSF HealthCare...

Chicago Community Trust Platform Transformation and Integration: Phase 1

April 19, 2024 Projects

The Chicago Community Trust is a platform for change that connects philanthropy to impact, bringing together generous donors, committed organizations, and caring residents to effect lasting change that moves our entire region forward.  For over 100 years, forward-looking individuals...

Lunch & Learn: Clarity’s Impactful Projects for Cook County Clerk’s Office

July 20, 2023 News, Projects

Senior Manager Conn McAnally recently hosted an informative ‘Lunch & Learn’ session for the Clarity team, delving into the diverse phases of our work with the Cook County Clerk’s Office. He covered all the various projects, highlighting essential learning...

Project Rainbow: It Takes a Village

June 6, 2023

Clarity Engages With OSF HealthCare to Broaden Health Equity in Chicago

May 11, 2023 News, Projects

Project Background At the end of 2021, City Tech Collaborative launched a new organization called Sustainable Wellness Innovation (SWI).  SWI is a collaboration platform that accelerates, innovates, and scales tech-enabled solutions to healthcare challenges.  It was created to measurably...

Project Spotlight: METSWeb 2.0

February 15, 2023 News, Projects

Mobile Electronic Ticketing System Web Application (METSWeb) 2.0 Chicago’s Mobile Electronic Ticketing System (METS) began as a pilot program in 2015 used by the city to move away from issuing paper citations.  Clarity was engaged to transition the web...

Animal Care Application for Brookfield Zoo

February 23, 2018

Clarity Rides Along With CPD

July 24, 2017 News

Clarity Partners project managers David Puplava and Brittany Vacchiano joined the Chicago Police Department’s 7th district beat officers for a review of the Investigatory Stop Reporting (ISR) CLEARNET application, developed and maintained by Clarity, as well as for a...

Clarity to Create Predictive Analytics App for Brookfield Zoo

April 6, 2016 News, Projects

The Chicago Zoological Society (CZS) engaged Clarity Partners to design and develop an application for Brookfield Zoo animal keepers that will help them collect data on animal behavior and eventually predict their behavior for guidance and greater well-being. Clarity...

Clarity to Develop Use Tax System for Cook County Department of Revenue

January 30, 2014 News

Chicago, IL – Clarity Partners was awarded a contract to develop and integrate a custom software system that will allow Cook County Department of Revenue to manage its own billing and collection of Non-Retailer Use Taxes. A law enacted...