Streamline Processes For Paperless Initiative

In an effort to continue to provide efficient and effective government services to its constituents, the City of the Chicago decided to move all licenses and permits on-line to reduce time spent handling paperwork and to advance the quality of customer service. As part of the mayor of Chicago’s Paperless Process Initiative, the City engaged Clarity Partners, LLC to review and re-engineer the following permitting processes, run by various departments, to maximize efficiencies and allow for a customer-centric experience:

  • Sign Permit Applications
  • Public Way Use Permits, including sidewalk cafes
  • Fire Pump Annual Inspections
  • Private Benefit Sign Permits and Annual Billing
  • Case Processing of Violations
  • Special Event Permit Applications

Because the city’s decision to move to a paperless permitting system, the focus of this project was not on enhancing current technology, but on streamlining current processes to maximize the benefits of a future paperless system.


Create and Implement Key Processes

In working with the City of Chicago, Clarity implemented a proven methodology to ensure tthe successful delivery of refined permitting processes to eventually support a future technology solution.

Project Discovery

Identify and Analyze Current Processes

Create and Validate Recommendations — Clarity helped create a set of detailed, workable recommendations to help the city maximize business process efficiency and effectiveness by consolidating and/or eliminating redundant processes, identifying technological improvements, streamlining processes, and making various recommendations to yield the greatest value to the city.

Final Report — Clarity worked to combine and refine the process change documentation, analysis, and recommendations from the prior phases into a report to help the city effectively implement the recommendations.


Project Benefits

  • Client satisfaction (internal and public)
  • Reduced paperwork
  • Improved accuracy and timeliness of process workflows
  • Higher quality and reinforced accountability
  • Performance improvements in speed, cost and quality

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