The cool part about what we do at Clarity goes beyond taking a website and improving how it looks.  We provide our clients with a toolset, empowering them to proceed with and best make use of their updated site.

The even cooler part?  With projects like the one with The Journey Forward, our services indirectly work to improve communities.  This organization provides a myriad of services for families in need, from financial coaching to re-employment to mental health and trauma services.  And with our help, their improved website better equips them to service those in need in a more efficient way.

Design Guidance Package: (Top) Style reference sheet for suggested formats, (Middle) Style Guide, (Bottom) A list of usable components for current and future use.

Project Background

The JF team came to the table with a lot of ideas, content that was already created, and a website already started.

In addition, certain site elements were established and not subject to change.  These included:

  • Color palette
  • Logo
  • WordPress template

Wants & Needs


While the team who runs the site is tech-savvy, they were looking for something intuitive.  They wanted a sophisticated design with a simple, straight-forward user interface.

User flow

The JF Team had also already established the concept of a dual-pathway user flow, in which the site serviced both those who wanted provide resources as well as those seeking them.  They simply lacked the components needed to do so.

Photography and illustrations

The Journey Forward wanted to bring the site to life using updated imagery that captured diversity and a more accurate representation of the services they provide.  However, there was no additional budget to create these images from scratch.

Our Solutions

Clean and consistent content management

Clarity used five different modular components to create an essentially fool-proof drag and drop concept for adding content to the site.

Designed for future endeavors

The site is updated to allow for further pages to be added to it.  And as the programs available at The Journey Forward expand, their team is equipped with all the tools and know-how to do so.

An expanded color palette & corresponding style guide

The existing color palette was logo-based and limited, but with the addition of a few more complementary colors, we opened up the available options for web design.  To build parameters around these updated styling features, we supplemented this with a formal style guide, which provides direction on maintaining consistency of design when adding content.


Refreshed visuals with improved representation

As an alternative to custom images, we provided replacement images that were still stock.  However, these new ones provide a diverse array of people shown in more authentic scenarios.  This saved The Journey Forward both the money and time needed to gather these assets.

A diverse family, people cooking, parents and their child

Seek Out a Tailored Approach

Our solutions come in all shapes and sizes.  Sometimes a la carte works best, as it did here.

With some guidance from the team at The Journey Forward on how they wanted to improve, Clarity equipped them with a blueprint that allows them to work smarter in their vision to advance a more equitable world.  Pretty cool, huh?