Problem: Outsourced Customer Service Jobs

Mayor Rahm Emanuel proposed to save tax payers and the city money and to provide better service by outsourcing customer service jobs within the City of Chicago’s Water Department. The plan came to fruition when these jobs were contracted to Tokyo-headquartered NTT Data Inc.

Solution: NTT Data & Clarity Form a Partnership

NTT Data’s and Clarity’s long-standing partnership spans through the City of Chicago’s Utility Billing and Customer Service Contact Center and the Business Contact Center. Clarity helps with staffing needs for first and second level analysts on each project. These teams of analysts are involved in a variety of areas of these projects ranging from training staff, notices, escalations, the Full Payment Certificate process, written correspondence, in-person assistance, over-the-phone service, help desk and all facets of customer service as they pertain to water bills and business licenses.

Impact: Staffing Needs Fulfilled

Clarity has provided an ongoing contribution to the project’s staffing needs, which helps with overall weekly and monthly performance goals. Our analysts continue to assist in providing the customer service experience to residents and constituents of the City of Chicago.

“For over 10 years, NTT DATA Services has partnered with Clarity Partners working as a TEAM to successfully support and improve our client’s business.”

Guy Ponko
BPO Associate Director